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IFS Logistics

Storage and transportation auditing services against the internationally recognized IFS Logistics standard.

Demonstrate the quality and integrity of your food logistics business.

Buyers expect food and beverage products to arrive untainted and undamaged. High quality logistics let you improve supply chain efficiencies while ensuring products arrive in first class condition.

International Feature Standard (IFS) Logistics is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked standard specially designed for the storage, distribution, transportation and loading/unloading of goods. It can be applied to all providers of logistics services, including food brokers and importers with their own storage and transportation solutions, including road, train, airplane and shipping.

Benefits of IFS Logistics certification

IFS Logistics certification ensures your food, beverage, ingredient and pet food logistics operations conform to internationally recognized standards.

  • Demonstrates your commitment quality and safety
  • Reduces risks in your supply chain
  • Improves operational efficiencies
  • Enables transparency

Why choose SGS IFS Logistics solutions?

We offer a comprehensive range of auditing and certification services to support logistics businesses along the food supply chain in achieving IFS Logistics certification.

We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in the global food supply industry. Wherever you operate in the world, our experts are ready to support you with solutions that let you reduce risk while demonstrating the transparency, quality and integrity of your operations.

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