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Services related to your supply chain from SGS – ensure quality control, meet statutory requirements, assess suppliers, supervise production and keep track of delivery schedules.

In an increasingly global economy, your vendor base is spreading further around the globe. As a result, ensuring that all your quality and statutory requirements are met can be difficult.

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With our unique global network, we can help you ensure quality control and meet all contractual obligations, government regulations, practice codes and standards throughout your supply chain – anywhere in the world.

We can help you assess your suppliers, supervise production, keep track of delivery schedules and physically inspect and check the quality and quantity of deliveries and test samples. Plus, for your convenience, we provide you with a single point of contact for all your supply chain related services.

As a trusted world leader in supply chain related services, we offer you a worldwide pool of project specialists and technical and environmental experts – all with unrivaled knowledge and experience in providing services for international projects.

To discuss how our services can give you greater control over your supply chain, contact us today.

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