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Auditing and Compliance

Protect stakeholders, the environment and your business with compliance and auditing services from SGS.

Products, services and work environments must be safe and conform to relevant standards and regulations. Failure to achieve this will mean a restriction on market access, an increased risk for your staff and reputation and failures in the supply chain as well as potential legislation non-compliance and financial fines. Negative events like these will adversely affect your bottom line.

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Businesses are now beginning to acknowledge the benefits of regulatory compliance and auditing. The traditional view that they are a burden is being replaced with an admission that they represent an opportunity for the business.

SGS Compliance and Auditing Services

We offer a wide range of environmental, health and safety (EHS) assessment and auditing services to help your business benefit from regulatory compliance. In addition to market access, your business will benefit in several ways, including:

  • Enhanced business strategies – regulatory compliance creates peace-of-mind, allowing greater focus on driving the business forward
  • Improved reputation – safer work environments and better sustainability are viewed positively by consumers. Increasingly, sustainability is a major factor in the decision-making process
  • Risk reduction
  • Better productivity – safer workplaces mean your employees can be more productive

Each of these benefits will positively affect your bottom line.

Why choose SGS?

Our wide range of auditing and compliance services cover the entire value chain, from product to process organization, building and workplace assessment. Well known for our thorough and detailed auditing, verification and inspection standards, we provide you with the assurance you need to operate in a safe and risk free environment. Our global network of experts and advanced testing facilities can be tailored to fit your specific requirements, ensuring you provide safe and compliant products, services and work environments for stakeholders and the planet.

To learn more about our compliance and auditing services, contact your local SGS office.

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