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Focusing on the Consumer Goods and Retail industry, our experts provide insights on international developments, new regulations, case studies and updates on SGS activities.
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CC 2024Q1_CP_Sustainability in Plastics

Meeting the Challenge of Sustainability in Plastics

How great is the challenge of plastic pollution, what are the drivers for change, and what solutions are available to businesses who are committed to plastics reduction and sustainability?
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CC 2024 Q1 Softlines Traceability

Why Fashion Companies Need Traceability in Their Supply Chains

Understand the drivers and solutions behind supply chain traceability in the fashion industry.
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CC 2024Q1 Brightsight IEC 62443 Teaser

Industry 4.0: Building a More Secure Connected World with IEC 62443

Building a compliance and risk management strategy around the IEC 62443 series of standards.
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FCC Testing

What is FCC Approval for Electronic Devices?

Understand the importance of FCC approval when accessing US markets for consumer electronics.
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CC 2024Q1 Bluesign EU DPP Teaser

EU Digital Product Passport: Putting Power into Consumer’s Hands When Buying Clothes

Using the EU Digital Product Passport to drive better consumer decisions over the clothes consumers purchase.
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CC 2024Q1 HL GPSR Teaser

Understanding the EU General Product Safety Regulation: Commonly Asked Questions

Gain insights into the European Union’s General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR), which comes into effect on December 13, 2024.
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CC 2024 Q1 Lab Focus Chennai SL Lab Teaser

Chennai Laboratory Continues Expansion in Textile and Footwear Testing Services

Our laboratory in Chennai, India, continues to expand its softlines capabilities with footwear testing recognition by the BIS and an upgrade to MRSLV3.1 Level 3 by the ZDHC Foundation.
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Green Marks

Can You Trust ‘Green’ Product Claims?

A Consumer Compact article looking at the issue of trust around environmental attribute claims and why businesses need an independently verified ‘green’ mark that can be trusted.
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Internet of Things Icons above the Global Earth

Will 2024 be the Year Cybersecurity Regulations Finally Match the Threat?

A Consumer Compact article looking at the increasing importance of IoT in our daily lives, the threat of cyberattacks, regulations and solutions that ensure the delivery of safe, compliant products to regulated markets.
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Evaluator Analysis

The Importance of Knowing the True Value of Imported Goods

A Consumer Compact article looking at the realities of global trade fraud and the opportunities SGS e-Valuator presents for beating trade scammers.
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