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Focusing on the Consumer Goods and Retail industry, our experts provide insights on international developments, new regulations, case studies and updates on SGS activities.
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Green Marks

Can You Trust ‘Green’ Product Claims?

A Consumer Compact article looking at the issue of trust around environmental attribute claims and why businesses need an independently verified ‘green’ mark that can be trusted.
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Sneakers Factory

What’s the Environmental Footprint of Your Shoe?

A Consumer compact article offering valuable insights into carbon and environmental footprints for the footwear and leather industries.
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Microplastic Pollution Beach

Understanding Europe’s Restriction on Microplastics

A Consumer Compact article looking at EU Regulation 2023/2055, the problems surrounding microplastics and routes to conformity.
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Evaluator Analysis

The Importance of Knowing the True Value of Imported Goods

A Consumer Compact article looking at the realities of global trade fraud and the opportunities SGS e-Valuator presents for beating trade scammers.
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City Life Communication Concept

Understanding Compatibility, Interoperability and Compliance in Wireless Devices

A Consumer Compact article covering wireless connectivity and the importance of certification to PTCRB and GCF standards.
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Internet of Things Icons above the Global Earth

Will 2024 be the Year Cybersecurity Regulations Finally Match the Threat?

A Consumer Compact article looking at the increasing importance of IoT in our daily lives, the threat of cyberattacks, regulations and solutions that ensure the delivery of safe, compliant products to regulated markets.
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Lab Focus San Diego Regulatory

San Diego Laboratory Expands EMC/RF Testing Capabilities

Our San Diego laboratory is the only facility in southern California offering a true end-to-end testing and certification service for wireless products.
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Full Vehicle OTA Testing 2

Improving the Connected Driving Experience

As the global market for connected vehicles continues to grow, we look at the benefits of full vehicle OTA testing for wireless device manufacturers wishing to improve performance and reduce customer dissatisfaction.
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Paper Base Packaging

Meeting Market Demand for Paper-Based Packaging

As markets for paper-based packaging grow, we look at how manufacturers can gain competitive markets through independent verification of performance and sustainability.
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CC Q3 Connectivity Article Photo

Why EMC/RF Testing Matters

With markets for connected vehicles and consumer electronics growing, we look at why EMC/RF testing is so important for manufacturers.
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