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The Importance of Cybersecurity Testing in MedTech

How you can manage risk and ensure compliance for Medtech IoT products.

Navigating differences in regulations governing the MedTech industry can be time-consuming and fraught with risk in the absence of expert help. As security needs become more critical, SGS offers solutions to help your business manage risk and achieve certification more quickly and efficiently.

This live webinar addresses the rise of cybersecurity concerns for MedTech IoT and the support available for your security evaluations at all stages of product development. We will address some of these key issues:

  • Changing attitudes towards security in MedTech IoT products
  • The central security considerations that manufacturers need to consider
  • How to navigate the growing list of cybersecurity regulations and standards from bodies such as FDA, MDR, NMPA, etc., and how these regulations connect to other standards and certifications,
  • for example 62304
  • How to manage cybersecurity risks in a MedTech connected world
  • How certification helps to improve security credentials and enable more shipped products

We assess your cybersecurity against the requirements of over 50 governmental and private certification bodies. Our integrated approach, from pre- to post-evaluation, gets to know your product in great detail. By ensuring compliance and trust through meeting the requisite standards, you’ll also have the commercial advantage of market differentiation.

The webinar is aimed at manufacturers of medical devices and service providers in the medical industry.


  • SGS Brightsight (background, industries and accreditations)
  • Drivers of cybersecurity in MedTech (business impact of connected medical devices)
  • MedTech compliance and regulation landscape (today's landscape and forecast)

How we can help you:

  • SGS MedTech Services
  • Live Q&A


Tom Viswat
Sales Manager

Tom is a cybersecurity expert in IoT, MedTech, Automotive, Industrial, Consumer and Telecommunications. He has 15+ years of experience in start-ups, digital industry, software, gaming, international business development/sales in EMEA and LATAM.

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Session 1: April 8, 2022, 9.00 AM Europe/Paris (GMT + 1:00)
Session 2: April 8, 2022, 4:00 PM Europe/Paris (GMT + 1:00)

For further information, please contact:

SGS Brightsight
t: +31 (0) 15 269 2500

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