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Extractables & Leachables Summit 2022

  • Location

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

  • Start

    20 Sep, 2022

    8:30 PM

  • End

    22 Sep, 2022

    5:30 AM

  • Time Zone

    Bangladesh Standard Time

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This two-day conference features presentations, panel discussions and networking. The extractables and leachables industry's top experts share knowledge on safety, quality and regulatory issues involved in a wide array of contexts central to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, including drug packaging and delivery components, single-use systems, medical devices and parenteral drug products.

SGS E&L Global Leader will present on "Analytical Considerations in Extractables and Leachables Testing of Drug-Device Combination Products" at 9:30 am on the second day of the event.

Key points to be covered:

  • Regulatory & industry guidance to follow for E&L study design of drug-device combination products
  • Difference & similarity on E&L requirements between pharmaceutical products and medical devices
  • Case studies on E&L testing of combination products

For further information, please contact:

Health & Science
t: +1 973 244 2435

Extractable and Leachable

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