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Hydrogen in Transportation

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    28 Jun, 2022

    6:00 AM

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    29 Jun, 2022

    6:00 AM

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    Bangladesh Standard Time

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Join us for a live session for a discussion on the status of hydrogen as a fuel for road transport – including the regulatory perspectives and market dynamics in different regions.


Many countries have set a timeline to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. The shift to electric and hydrogen mobility is seen as one of the measures to achieve this goal. As a result, governments are announcing their targets for hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles and infrastructure rollout and the timeline to phase out internal combustion engines from their fleet.

Conventional hydrogen, which is mainly produced from either coal or natural gas can only play a role in decarbonization when carbon capture and sequestration is applied during the production process, as widely accepted by the public and private sectors. Moreover, governments and private sectors across the globe are currently working to establish the green hydrogen supply chain.


This webinar will provide you with information on:

  • Summary, regional hydrogen targets and regulations on road transport
  • Regional hydrogen market
  • Regional projections for 2022:
    • Hydrogen on road transport
    • Hydrogen refuelling stations
    • Green hydrogen production capacity
  • Future development of hydrogen as transport fuel:
    • Application in non-road machinery
    • Application in non-road transport
  • Q&A session


For further information please contact:

Aida González Palomino
Natural Resources
Project Manager, SGS INSPIRE
t: +34 660 87 69 53

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