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Governments and oil companies around the world lose significant amounts of revenue every year as a result of the illegal diversion of low-grade or tax-free transit fuels into premium grade domestic fuels.

Fuel integrity programs from SGS offer a reliable and cost-effective way of combating this kind of illegal activity, bringing benefits to governments, the oil industry and consumers alike.

Why use fuel markers?

Over the next 20 years, it has been estimated that global demand for oil will increase by 50 percent. As the oil industry expands and prices increase, the threat will grow from those who seek to profit from its adulteration and illegal trading.

Fuel markers can help by:

  • Deterring illegal trade in fuel and fuel adulteration with substandard products
  • Ensuring that government bodies and regulators are able to collect the appropriate amount of revenue from excise taxes on fuel
  • Protecting the integrity of automotive and heating fuels, increasing consumer confidence
  • Protecting vehicles by ensuring the correct quality of fuel
  • Preventing the illegal import of no or low-tax products and the dumping of transit, export or subsidized fuels
  • Deterring inter-company product dumping
  • Facilitating environmental protection measures

Why SGS?

As the market leader in providing services to both the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry, we understand the benefits of fuel integrity programs and have implemented them to great effect. In 1998, SGS launched a pioneering fuel integrity program to help the Kenyan government curb the illegal dumping of transit fuel and the adulteration of low-tax kerosene into high-premium automotive fuels. Following the success of the Kenyan program, marker programs have now been rolled out to other countries with similar problems.

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