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Engine & Vehicle Testing

From small engines to large vehicles, develop better, safer, more durable products that meet regulatory requirements with testing from SGS.

Test your vehicle and engine powertrains under extreme environmental conditions at sea level, at altitude and even at simulated altitude. At SGS, we have cutting-edge facilities and laboratories all over the world where we are using our own patented technology.

Our experts can help with everything from the most basic tests for small engines to custom-designed, complex tests for larger engines and vehicles. As an independent body, we can complement your existing powertrain testing program or undertake full testing services, including vehicle development and performance testing, if required.  

Powertrain Services from SGS

We offer the following tests and certifications from our worldwide network of laboratories and testing facilities.

Exhaust Emissions Certification

  • Chassis and engine dynamometer emissions laboratories compliant with EPA 40CFR Part 1065/1066
  • Federal and supplemental vehicle and engine emissions certification testing
  • Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) and emissions analytics support
    • Compliance with 40 CFR 1065, EU582/2011 & pending EU6c
  • EPA CAP2000 and In-Use Verification Program (IUVP)
  • Motorcycle and ATV chassis dyno emissions testing

Vehicle Development

  • Emissions labs – including environmental testing, catalyst efficiency determination, custom drive cycles and test procedures, as well as exhaust specification
  • Vehicle instrumentation, including exhaust sample ports, thermocouples, pressure transducers and data logging
  • Large cold soak room for cold start and sub-zero evaluation of products to -22°F (-30°C)
  • Mileage accumulation dynamometers (MAD), 2WD and AWD
  • Certification and specialty fuels in bulk tanks and drums

Evaporative Emissions

  • Variable temperature SHEDs
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and CARB procedures performed
  • Point source running loss and fuel tank temp profile control
  • On-board refueling vapor recovery
  • Canister loading and breakthrough

Extreme Testing Labs at Sea Level, Altitude and Everything in Between

  • Patented altitude simulation capable of testing 0 to more than 12,000 (3660 m) above sea level for both steady state and transient engine operating conditions
  • Combustion air temperatures may be set from 14º to 130°F (-10º to 54°C)
  • Vehicle and engine testing labs available at both sea level and altitude

Typical SGS Engine Test Cell Uses

  • Exhaust emissions certification tests, compliant with 40CFR Part 1065 and ISO 8178 standards
  • ‘Not-to-Exceed’ performance and emissions testing at extreme environmental conditions
  • Engine mapping and emission control system development
  • Prototype engine development
  • Electronic control system calibration
  • Engine and aftertreatment component evaluations
  • Verification of retrofit systems for state programs
  • Fuel blends and additive studies
  • Competitive benchmarking

Why use SGS for your powertrain testing?

As the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, SGS has all the facilities and expertise you need. Our comprehensive powertrain testing services cover all engine and vehicle sizes to help you develop better, safer, more durable products that also meet all the necessary local and international regulatory requirements.

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