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Laboratory Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning

Many projects, both green-field and upgrades, require the setting up or expansion of an on-site laboratory.

At SGS, we have the experience and technical know-how to support your project in designing such laboratories wherever you are in the world, saving you time, money and organizational headaches.

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An on-site laboratory provides facilities for operators of oil, gas and chemical plants and projects to undertake routine and non-routine analysis in a timely manner. Typically, such labs can fulfill a number of key commercial and regulatory testing requirements:

  • Environmental compliance
  • Analysis, reporting and, where necessary, certification of oil, gas and petrochemical products. This can be to demonstrate compliance with commercial sales, funding agreements, project guidelines or local regulation
  • Hydrocarbon allocation
  • Production optimization
  • Support for production chemistry strategy
  • Asset Integrity Management and equipment reliability
  • Regulatory body oversight

Project Early Stage (FEED) Laboratory Design Service

We can work with you to:

  • Design the laboratory in an optimized manner based on the overall criteria, such as space, facilities, installations, safety considerations, workflow, security, staff health and industrial hygiene
  • Develop and optimize sampling and analysis schedules, including the introduction of various methods to optimize the overall process
  • Provide professional support with the design/construction of the sampling stations (technical, operational, safety and environmental)

Why SGS?

At SGS, we are dedicated to innovation. By leveraging the best available technology, we bring the laboratory right to the source, delivering accurate and immediate information to our customers. We are active in the design, development, supply and installation of turn-key laboratories, tailor-made to clients’ sampling and analytical needs. We also maintain an up-to-date database on a wide range of analytical and process techniques across a number of industries.

We operate more than 185 oil, gas and chemicals laboratories globally.

Find out more about how laboratory design services from SGS can support your operations.

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