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Seed Trait Confirmation

Quantify single and multiple seed traits to ensure product consistency and compliance with licensing standards. Our services benchmark seed traits, including herbicide traits, insect resistance and herbicide tolerance.

Seed trait testing proves product confidence has been maintained in all segments of seed production, conditioning and packaging.

Our laboratory facilities utilize molecular testing procedures to confirm a comprehensive selection of herbicide traits, covering glyphosate (Roundup Ready), Glufosinate (LibertyLink), Dicamba, 2,4-D, Clearfield and STS in a wide range of crops. We have successfully completed proficiency testing on a variety of crops, including alfalfa, canola, corn, rice, soybean, wheat and sugar beet. We also utilize molecular testing methods to confirm the presence of insect resistant traits in genetically modified (GM) crops.

We also confirm herbicide tolerance in many seed crops, including canola, wheat, soybeans and corn through blotter assays.

Operated by highly trained staff, our growth chamber infrastructure helps you to build confidence for your business. We combine validated procedures with proven competences to ensure your products reach expected herbicide tolerance and meet all licensing requirements.

With a global network of experts and capabilities, backed by state-of-the-art facilities, we can help you to successfully respond to the commercialization of seed traits.

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