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Improve confidence in your product and enable precision planning during crop lifecycles.

Specialized crop testing services for assessing seed coat integrity, seed size and grain quality.

Understanding grain quality gives your business greater flexibility and security. Our specialist assessment services check for quality, assisting precision planters and bringing a greater understanding of grain quality to end use markets.

Our comprehensive range of customizable solutions include:

  • Pericarp: gain an understanding of the quality and value of your seed product by assessing defects in its coat (pericarp)
  • Shake out: assess harvest samples to quickly identify quality issues associated with bulk corn products
  • Seed size: solutions include one-thousand kernel weight, seeds per pound and seeds per bushel. We also use digital imaging equipment for high level seed measuring and insights into seed size uniformity
  • Protein, oil and moisture: testing solutions to determine grain quality, using grain analyzers for moisture testing, oil testing and protein testing on corn, cereals, canola, pulses and whole soybeans

We are also approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for Recognition of Export Grain Analysis by Authorized Labs (REGAL) testing to enable the issuing of phytosanitary certificates for export shipments.

With local experience and global expertise, wherever you operate in the world, we are your first choice for laboratory testing solutions when assessing the quality of your seed crop products.

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