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FSC™ Chain of Custody

Forestry product chain-of-custody (CoC) certification enables you to demonstrate that the wood you trade or use comes from well-managed forests or other controlled sources.

From logs to lumber, to furniture and wood pulp, it is becoming more important to know exactly where your materials have come from. Also, mandatory requirements are becoming more stringent and consumers, aware of environmental issues, are demanding wood from well-managed forests.

With forest products chain-of-custody certification from SGS, anyone, anywhere in the world, can quickly determine the origins of your wood products and the processes through which they have been. It plays an important role in ensuring the traceability of wood from its origin through the entire supply chain.

It is the guarantee increasingly sought by both end consumers and your customers alike.

How is the supply chain assessed?

To certify your supply chain our assessors will visit each site where products are manufactured, transformed or distributed. At each location we will check:

  • Product identification
  • Product segregation
  • Record keeping

With these details complete, and if everything is in order, you will receive a full report and chain-of-custody certification.

The process is simple, efficient and may be completed within 20 days.

We can perform integrated audits against different chain-of-custody standards and against forest management programs (FM), saving your organization both time and money. Our global network operates under the terms of licenses granted by FSC™, PEFC and SFI™. More details are available upon request.

SGS can also certify forestry management programs and standards of forestry practice together with Chain-of-Custody, saving both time and money. In forestry management, SGS certifies against many recognized programs.

Contact your local SGS office today to begin the forest product chain-of-custody certification process.

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