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Ecodesign, LCA, EPD & Circular Economy Certification

SGS sustainability experts support the development of sustainable products by providing Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Product Declarations and Circular Economy certifications.


Ecodesign involves integrating environmental aspects into the product design process, in addition to technical and financial constraints. The Ecodesign approach can be simplified into three steps:

  1. Measuring and understanding the impacts of existing products
  2. Including and tracking environmental targets and objectives during the product development process
  3. Developing a relevant and effective environmental communication strategy

Our team provides tailored training and consultancy services to support the implementation of Ecodesign practices within your product development teams.

Environmental product declarations

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an internationally-harmonized communication format that describes the environmental footprint of a product throughout its life cycle.

EPDs are developed after a life cycle assessment (LCA) following applicable product category rules (PCRs) is conducted. PCRS are managed by EPD program operators to ensure the conformity of an EPD with the ISO 14025 standard.

SGS is a member of the PEP Ecopassport program, an international program dedicated to electrical, electronic and HVAC equipment. Our team will guide you with the development, the verification and the registration of your products within this program. 

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ISO 14040 And ISO 14044 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Using LCA against these international standards, SGS can help you to improve a product’s overall environmental performance – and to demonstrate the benefits of the product to customers and NGOs.

We compare a product’s full range of environmental impacts, including raw material production, manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal.

Contact SGS for a quick assessment of the best ways to improve the sustainability performance of your products.

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