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Occupational Health & Safety

Safeguarding people and processes at work through recognized quality management system certification.

Your workforce is your most important asset. If you demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that safety is given the highest possible importance in your business, you increase trust and brand loyalty. Working with SGS towards occupational health and safety certification keeps you up to date and offers you a simpler pathway to compliance.

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We offer audits against a wide range of schemes recognized globally. We guide you towards ISO certification, giving you the security of knowing your systems follow essential protocols – managing your risks and keeping your operations safe. You can also help your operations adapt to post-pandemic conditions, by accessing our COVID-19 recovery services.

In an uncertain business environment, we help you to be sure of safety both practically and reputationally – and the trust that we’re held in globally as an innovative testing, inspection and certification company is our most important asset.

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