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Terminal Management

Rapidly developing technology and the need to control costs have resulted in fundamental changes in the way terminals around the world are being managed and operated.

At an increasing number of locations, it is no longer economically acceptable to maintain on a 24-hour/365-day basis the level of personnel necessary to cover every operational requirement or eventuality. Outsourcing, contracting in, or contracting out are becoming attractive options for terminal operators to optimize the operational efficiency of their business.

SGS can provide a full scope of services ranging from the supply of trained manpower for specific marine dock operations to a total management package, where we accept full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of a client’s facilities.

Supply of Personnel for Marine Dock Operations

SGS can supply dock operators to represent the facility in a transfer to or from a ship or barge. Plant and terminal operations dock operators may be assigned exclusively to a single facility and work a shift, or cover multiple facilities on an on-call basis.

Responsibilities include:

  • Vessel mooring and securement 
  • Pre-transfer conference with vessel personnel including statutory Health and Safety Executive (HSE) validation
  • Complete documentation per regulatory and facility requirements
  • Control product flow ashore during transfer
  • Communication liaison between vessel and tank farm personnel

Terminal Management Services

SGS can undertake the complete operation of a terminal facility, including:

  • Management
  • Operations (including safe working practices)
  • Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Emergency response
  • Procedural writing 

We also offer our clients a complete terminal management package to cover:

  • Pollution prevention, contingency planning, and spill response
  • Operating procedure development and regulatory compliance
  • Miscellaneous maintenance for support of the facility
  • Administrative systems for inventory management and order processing

Why SGS?

SGS offers Plant and terminal operations (PTO) services for the oil and gas industry worldwide.

We have extensive operational experience on terminals and jetty facilities across both Europe and North America and our client list includes key industry players. SGS also manages Europe’s largest jetty facility, with responsibility for the mooring, loading and discharge of some 3500 vessels each year.

Find out how SGS supports terminal management for the oil and gas industry.

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