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Drop Shatter

SGS is a world leader in providing reliable and independent coal analysis.

SGS is a world leader in providing reliable and independent coal analysis.

Coal breakage and the quantity of coal lost as a result of shattering in falls from conveyors is a key consideration for coal sellers, mines, power plants, preparation plants, ports and terminals.  Results from SGS drop shatter tests allow you to estimate the capacity of your coal to resist breakage during handling and transportation.

Accurate, independent drop shatter analyses allow you to establish the true value of your coal. We have the expertise and the equipment to provide you with timely and transparent coal friability data that comply with a variety of international standards.

During a drop shatter test, pre-determined sized coal is dropped onto a steel plate from a specified height.  The shattered pieces are then sorted and the mass of each size group is recorded.  The percentage of the original sample that shattered into each size grouping indicates the friability of your coal.

A drop shatter test is just one of a full suite of coal and coke testing procedures provided by SGS. Whether you are a producer, user or transporter of coal and coke, the testing done in our fully equipped laboratories provide the reliable analytical results that will help you control your quality concerns.

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