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Industrial Safety in the Supply Chain

Assess fire, electrical, structural and machine safety in diverse environments, ensuring the integrity of your supply chain with a comprehensive supplier assessment from SGS.

In today's interconnected world of complex supply chains, prioritizing supplier safety is crucial due to the high number of suppliers around the world and the evolving regulations that require businesses to assume responsibility. Ignoring this aspect puts your organization at legal and financial risk, while actively managing supplier safety will enhance customer loyalty, build partnerships, and provide you a competitive edge. Safeguarding your supply chain not only demonstrates corporate responsibility, but also ensures long-term growth and the sustainability of your business.

Our industrial safety services

Key aspects of successful supplier safety management

Supplier inspection process

  • Assessment planning 
  • Opening meeting
  • Audit scope: checklist
  • Risk classifications according to checklist
  • Physical inspection
  • Document review
  • Closing meeting
  • Final report with a detailed overview of non-conformities and an overall facility scoring summary

SGS can perform follow-up visits on sites already inspected to ensure that actions are taken.

Delivery model

We provide central support with a single point of contact and a global footprint with local inspectors close to the suppliers.

  • Review and improvements of existing supplier training material/guidebook
  • Development of tailor-made assessment checklist covering local and international regulations
  • Preparation and coordination of global site visits
  • Thorough inspection on critical assets, like machines, boilers, etc.
  • Due diligence on the reports before sending to clients
  • Extension to occupational health and safety, environmental areas possible
  • Global footprint with local inspectors close to the suppliers
Why Choose SGS?
Our comprehensive supplier assessment scheme, led by a global network of technical engineers, ensures that assessments are conducted by professionals with local regulatory knowledge, language proficiency and cultural understanding. With engineers located all over the world, we possess the necessary expertise to effectively assess fire, electrical, structural and machine safety. By leveraging their specialized skills, we provide accurate evaluations aligned with local regulations, fostering a secure working environment tailored to each location within your supply chain.

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