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Food Safety and Compliance

Safety, quality and sustainability are key drivers in the food value chain. Each of these elements impacts on the sustainability of your business and the marketability of your products.

We offer a comprehensive range of food safety, quality and sustainability solutions to help you grow consumer confidence and a sustainable business, mitigate risk, and improve efficiency at every stage of the value chain.

A Comprehensive Range of Food Safety and Quality Solutions

From training and inspection, audit and certification, testing, technical and advisory services to retail store checks and mystery shopping, our global team of industry experts helps you to guarantee that your operations and products meet the highest global standards.

Our services can enable you to:

  • Manage risk, do better business and meet your obligations 
  • Safeguard your consumers 
  • Comply with complex legislation 
  • Ensure correct storage, shipping, packing and distribution of food ingredients and products 
  • Ensure quality and safety throughout diverse supply chains

Devised in close co-operation with your organization, our services include:

  • Testing
    • Food contaminant testing
    • Food microbiology testing
    • Nutrition and composition testing
  • Food audits and certification
    • Accredited GFSI certification (including BRC, IFS, SQF, FSSC 22000 and GLOBALG.A.P.)
    • Customized audits to fit specific requirements
    • Authenticity certifications (e.g. gluten-free, kosher, UTZ)
  • Technical solutions 
  • Inspections services
  • Food label reviews
  • Food technical training and development

Innovative Technologies

Embracing new technologies, such as the cloud, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, we are helping to make businesses more efficient and sustainable. We have developed digital solutions that deliver knowledge, insight, transparency, traceability and efficiency to help you to manage quality and safety.

Our innovative solutions include:

  • SGS Digicomply: simplify compliance with access to the constantly evolving pieces of legislation and standards relating to food and agriculture. Our powerful knowledge management platform, enables you to choose different features to transform compliance information into user-friendly actionable knowledge
  • Transparency-One: discover, analyze and monitor all suppliers, ingredients and facilities in your supply chain with SGS Transparency-One – a digital solution that can be combined with blockchain technology, helping businesses to build consumer trust. Transparency-One uses real-time data to reduce risk, identify ingredient origins and ensure compliance
  • All Species ID: a single test to identify all species within a food sample. All Species ID, using DNA next generation sequencing (NGS), is a powerful tool for food analysis, food authenticity testing, the identification of ingredients, pathogens, allergens and potential adulteration, even in highly processed food products

A World-leading Provider of Food and Safety Solutions

As a world-leading provider of testing, inspection, verification and certification services with 140 years experience, we offer you in-depth expertise in addressing food industry challenges. With a global reach, we provide local experts who understand local culture and needs. We can support you across the entire supply chain to protect your brand, build customer trust and open the door to a more profitable business.

We also offer:

  • Mandatory and tailor-made testing, inspection and auditing programs, meeting the requirements of governments and private protocols 
  • Support for capacity building through a wide range of training programs 
  • Assistance for a range of industry challenges, such as food fraud and legal complexity across geographies 
  • Retail and foodservice vendor programs to ensure supplier compliance across the supply chain

To discuss your requirements or to find out more about our innovative food safety and quality solutions, contact us today.

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