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Medical Devices

Reaching new markets for medical devices with training from SGS.

Achieving certification to national and internationally recognized standards gives your business legitimacy and trust, and demonstrates to customers your in-depth knowledge and understanding of how your medical devices work to the highest possible safety standards; giving your products a smooth passage to market.

Training from SGS
Our training solutions are developed by subject matter experts to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills - core enablers of sustainable business development and competitive advantage.

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We offer introductory, evaluation and implementation courses based on regulatory benchmark core principles, so you get a great grounding in how certification works in practice and can apply your learning in the subsequent validation processes. Training can be in-house or at one of our global locations that’s convenient to you, via classroom-based learning or as an online experience.

Being able to keep your devices and processes demonstrably safe benefits you, your stakeholders and the clinicians and patients who need them. At SGS we’re fully acquainted with industry standards, so you’ll be able to work more quickly and efficiently towards statutory compliance with our expert facilitators.

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