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Our white papers are written by technical experts from many different fields, exploring and commentating on a range of complex subjects.

Transparency One Transparency-One: Supply Chain Visibility

We discuss the profound transformation taking place in food shopping and shopper behavior, and the challenges in monitoring the supply chain and measuring product compliance to drive consumer trust.

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Nucleic Acid Amplification Techniques Nucleic Acid Amplification Techniques (NAT) to Address Biosafety of Biological Therapies

Over the past 15 years, nucleic acid amplification techniques (NAT), also referred to as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), have played an increasingly important role in the characterization and evaluation of biosafety for human biological therapies.

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Mycoplasma Detection of Mycoplasma in Biopharmaceuticals, Vaccines, and Gene Cell Therapies

The detection of mycoplasma contamination is of utmost concern in bio-therapeutic and vaccine manufacturing. Now that streamlined assay validation procedures and GMP validated NAT tests are readily available, these methods can provide manufacturers with confidence in results required in production and batch release of products.

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 Keeping Metallic and Non-Metallic Surfaces Free of Oil and Grease Keeping Metallic and Non Metallic Surfaces Free of Oil and Grease

Various branches of industry are placing increasing value on the cleanliness of manufacturing components. Learn more about how SGS developed an appropriate preparation processes for investigations to determine the amount of oil and grease present on metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

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 Öl- und Fettfreiheit auf metallischen und nichtmetallischen Oberflächen Öl- und Fettfreiheit auf metallischen und nichtmetallischen Oberflächen

Verschiedene Industriezweige legen immer größeren Wert auf die Sauberkeit von Bauteilen. Lesen Sie wie die SGS Präparationsverfahren für die Untersuchungen zum Öl- und Fettgehalt auf metallischen und nichtmetallischen Oberflächen weiterentwickelt.

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Primary and Higher-Order White Paper Primary and Higher-Order Structural Characterization Strategy for Biosimilarity Assessment

This article addresses some issues involved in meeting regulatory characterization expectations for biosimilars.

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Understanding the Forest Product Chain-of-Custody Certification Standard Understanding the Forest Product Chain-of-Custody Certification Standard

We introduce the requirements of Forest Product Chain of Custody Certification and the benefits the standard brings to organizations in the timber and paper industry.

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RoHS II EN RoHS II: Meet the Compliance Challenge

Why complying with the European Union's new Directive on restricted substances may be more challenging than it appears.

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SGS AFL Dairy White Paper Understanding Safety, Quality and Supply Chain Best Practice in the Dairy Industry

We discuss the current state of the global dairy industry and considerations for safety, quality and supply chain management.

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Biologic Stability Testing A Guide to Biologic Stability Testing

This article provides a complete view of stability studies on biologics. The end goal is to help drug developers save unnecessary costs and delays in their timelines, and facilitate getting safer medicines to patients.

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