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Our white papers are written by technical experts from many different fields, exploring and commentating on a range of complex subjects.

Maritime MRV Maritime MRV: How to Prepare For Carbon Emissions Reporting

Learn more about Maritime MRV (CO2 monitoring, reporting and verification) regulation. We explore monitoring plans and the mandatory content, optional content, and methods for monitoring.

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Household Cleaning White Paper Household Cleaning Appliances: An Introduction to Pollution Regulation

We examine the most common pollutants and hazardous substances found in domestic and commercial premises.

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Cover of the whitepaper Qualitative and Quantitative Determination A Method for the Qualitative and Quantitative Determination of the Amino Acid Composition of Pharmaceutical Products

This paper outlines the development of a liquid chromatography method for simultaneous determination of approximately 20 amino acids in simple and complex mixtures that complies with the system suitability requirements of the Ph. Eur. general chapter (2.2.56).

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Cover of the whitepaper biosimilar Qualification of an Assay with Applications for Investigating Functional Comparability of an Originator and Biosimilar

This paper reviews the qualification of cell-based assays for functional comparability analysis that provide an attractive alternative to more expensive and time-consuming assays.

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ISO 14001 2015 thumbnail ISO 14001:2015 – What You Need to Know

We give a brief introduction to ISO 14001:2015, pointing out some of the common pitfalls for organizations in transition or implementation and preparing for third-party audit.

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US Food Modernization Understanding the US Food Safety Modernization Act

Find out how to prepare for the FSMA with our white paper, including a step-by-step process guide.

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Mitigrating the Risk of Mid Air with RPAS Mitigating the Risk of Mid-Air Collisions with Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

We look at areas of improvement for both manned and unmanned flight operations to mitigate the risks of mid-air collisions between Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and commercial air traffic.

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SGS LSS Execute a Phase III Influenza Treatment Clinical Trial Utilizing Data and Key Performance Indicators to Successfully Execute a Phase III Influenza Treatment Clinical Trial

This paper will address how SGS utilized constant data tracking to mitigate the disease-specific challenges and successfully execute a Phase III clinical trial in influenza patients.

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Retailer Whitepaper cover Retailers: Understanding the Risks of Global Supply Chains

We present an investigation into supply chain complexity, considering how to reduce risk for retailers.

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H1N1 A Consideration of H1N1/09pdm and New Variant H3N2/13 as Agents for Human Challenge Trials

Within the field of influenza research, there is becoming an increasingly large place for Human or Viral Challenge Trials (HCT).

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