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Event Date Type Location
UBS Business and Support Services Conference September 14, 2016 Conference London
J.P. Morgan Milan Investor Forum September 29, 2016 Conference Milan
Berenberg Testing, Inspection & Certification Conference October 6, 2016 Conference London
SGS Investor Days 2016 October 27–28, 2016 Investor Days Krakow
UBS European Conference November 15, 2016 Conference London
DB Business Services, Leisure & Transport Conference November 16, 2016 Conference London
SGCIB Conference December 1, 2016 Conference Paris
Credit Suisse European Business Services Conference December 6–7, 2016 Conference San Francisco
SGS 2016 Full Year Results Publication January 23, 2017 Corporate Financial Event Geneva
SGS General Meeting of Shareholders March 21, 2017 Corporate Financial Event Geneva