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GRI Content: G4-56

Our sustainability management system is the framework by which we:

  • Identify our material and our sustainability aspects
  • Define our policy commitments
  • Set targets
  • Conduct audits
  • Implement programs
  • Measure our progress
  • Analyze and improve our performance
  • Engage with stakeholders through transparent reporting and dialogue

The system is built around four pillars – Professional Excellence, People, Environment and Community – with each supported by Group-wide policies, global programs and local initiatives (see diagram below). We align our management system to ISO 26000 and the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Guidelines. We also use the AA 1000 Principles, as well as specific frameworks, such as the ISO 14064 International Standard for emissions inventories and verification, to inform our data monitoring and reporting on material issues. We have also begun to measure our value to society (see Our Value to Society).

Business Principles


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