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Increased Demand Raises the Risk of Seafood Production Shortfalls As demand for seafood is on the increase, and per capita consumption is now more than double what it was 50 years ago, we explore the opportunities for the aquaculture industry. October 12, 2017 Features
Monitoring Mycotoxins: Protecting the Food Industry Mycotoxins pose a serious threat to human health. Businesses that supply food need to take the threat of mycotoxins seriously to protect their brands from the consequences of mycotoxin poisoning. October 12, 2017 Features
Practical FSMA Guidance for Foreign Suppliers In our August article, we discussed supply chain risk management and supply chain verification activities. In this issue we explore practical steps to help foreign suppliers comply with FSMA. October 12, 2017 Features
SGS Launches Chinese Visual Trust Initiative with Carrefour Globally, consumers are becoming savvier when it comes to the items they put into their shopping baskets. October 12, 2017 Features
SGS and Bavarian Nordic to Develop a Novel and Differentiated Challenge Model for RSV SGS has entered into collaboration with Bavarian Nordic A/S, to develop a new respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) challenge strain. October 12, 2017 Business News
Letter to the Financial Community It is with great sadness that the Board of Directors and Operations Council of SGS announce the passing of Mr. Jean-Luc de Buman, Senior Vice President, on Friday 6 October 2017. October 9, 2017 Global Corporate News
US State of Rhode Island Restricts Flame Retardants Rhode Island has recently restricted the use of organohalogen flame retardants in residential upholstered furniture and bedding. The new restrictions will become effective on July 1, 2019. October 9, 2017 Updates
EU Updates for the Safety of High Chairs - EN 14988 In July 2017, CEN published the revised European standard EN14988: 2017 concerning high chairs, replacing standards EN14988-1: 2006 +A1: 2012, EN14988-2: 2006 +A1: 2012. October 6, 2017 Updates
US FTC Upgrades RN Website The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced on September 15, 2017 an update on its website to apply web-based electronic filings of requests to obtain, update or cancel registered identification numbers (RN) under the Fur, Textile and Wool Labeling Rules. October 5, 2017 Updates
Precision Gateway Initiates Farming Collaboration Our experts in South Africa have recently expanded their use of proprietary precision farming technology to help an orchard owner in Peru. October 4, 2017 Business News