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Training courses for biopharmaceutical characterization from SGS – a range of mass spectrometry training courses, protein characterization training and courses for understanding mass spectrometry.

Life Science

Biopharmaceutical characterization is a vital step in getting your products to market. That’s why ensuring your staff have the required skills is essential. We provide training courses for biopharmaceutical characterization to give your staff the expertise they need.

Our courses include:

  • Introduction to mass spectrometry: increasingly, mass spectrometry is being used for the investigation of a wide range of problems in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, forensic science and environmental analysis. Our two-day introductory course offers you an introduction to the basic technology, different types of instruments used and interpretation of spectra, together with tutorials and practical demonstrations.

  • Advanced biopolymer mass spectrometry training: this two-day course covers biopolymer structural characterization by mass spectrometry for protein sequencing, carbohydrate analysis and oligonucleotide sequencing. It is designed for scientists who have experience of mass spectroscopy, or have attended our introduction to mass spectrometry course.

  • Product characterization of biopharmaceuticals training: when it comes to bringing biopharmaceutical products to market, ensuring accurate product characterization is essential. This two-day course on product characterization of biopharmaceuticals draws together the technical, regulatory and commercial requirements of biopharmaceutical product characterization.

Our training courses are run at our own specialist laboratories. We can also provide you with tailored training at your own site designed to meet your specific needs.

Training courses for biopharmaceutical characterization from the leading provider

As the leading provider and practitioner of mass spectrometry, we offer you unrivaled expertise and experience in training courses for biopharmaceutical characterization.

To find out more about our training courses for biopharmaceutical characterization, contact us today.