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Pre-shipment inspection services from SGS – export your secondary steel or paper waste products to India.

India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce has appointed SGS to conduct pre-shipment inspection (PSI) on all secondary/defective steel goods entering the country. Importers/exporters need to apply for a Pre-Shipment Certificate – Report of Findings to facilitate customs clearance.  This is in accordance with Public Notice no. 1 of April 7, 2006.

In addition under Policy Circular 88 (RE-08) by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade dated May 6, 2009 SGS has been accredited to conduct Pre-Shipment Inspection of waste paper to be exported to India.

Paper waste

The scope of PSI is to ensure that waste paper exported to India is free of any hazardous waste including municipal waste and bio-medical waste, and that non-paper content does not exceed 8%. The scheme is designed to safeguard the health and safety of the community, to minimize the risk of rejection of the product at destination and facilitate trade.
We will inspect the goods to verify their:

  • Description and specification
  • Quantity
  • Origin
  • Date of shipment

Secondary/Defective Steel

The scope of the PSI is to verify quality and quantity of the cargo including:

  • A description of the material
  • Material quality
  • Chemical analysis
  • Visual inspection
  • Thickness and width of the material
  • The ITC (HS) code number

Before we can issue a PSI report and certificate you will need to supply verification documents including contract, L/C, mill test certificate (in the case of secondary steel), packing list and final invoice.

At SGS we have decades of experience in managing pre-shipment inspection programs around the world and offer exporters efficient and comprehensive solutions to ensure shipments conform to India’s requirements. Contact us today for more information.