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Food shelf life testing from SGS helps food manufacturers to comply with statutory or commercial requirements by verifying that products display the appropriate “use by” and/or “best before” date(s).

FSMA food safety

Food products must meet national and international food hygiene regulations relating to shelf life. This helps to keep consumers safe and your organization compliant, which both contribute to maintaining your brand’s integrity and reputation. We can assess the quality of your products to ensure they do so.

Our food testing labs work on each product over a period of time, with procedures including microbial indicator analysis as well as sensory, physical and chemical testing. For example, if a product is meant to last 90 days at refrigerated temperatures, we store it that way and test a sample at zero, 30, 60 and 90 days.

SGS’s shelf life testing for food products service means you can respond to reported issues – or better still, reduce the likelihood of product recalls and other problems even happening. By helping you recognize the changes you could make to a product’s ingredients or packaging, or to other contributory factors, our tests can also help lead to profit increases.

We have food testing labs around the world with the appropriate accreditations, making the process as reliable, efficient and cost-effective as possible for you.

To discover how your business can benefit from our accelerated shelf life testing services, contact SGS.