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Microbiological Tests

SGS is a world leader in testing services, and our quality control tests focus on a product’s safety, performance and reliability and the expectations of customers and regulatory bodies. Our microbiological tests form an important part of quality control for a wide range of clients from diverse industries, covering products as diverse as food, cosmetics, detergents and packaging.

With an international network of microbiological testing laboratories, equipped with cutting-edge technology and experts using the most up-to-date testing methodologies, we are your perfect test program partner, no matter what your product.

We are able to conduct a range of microbiological tests to help you assess the safety or efficacy of raw materials, components, ingredients and final products. Our aim is to examine for the risk of contamination under normal use conditions.

Call us today to discover more.

Our microbiological food testing for pathogens and spoilage organisms can ensure the continued safety of your food products along the supply chain.

Our microbiological testing laboratories provide a wide range of parameters to analyze the safety of your food products or ingredients. Moreover, we continue to invest in developing world-class testing capabilities and staying at the forefront of research. This is vital in the on-going battle against pathogenic bacteria, which are constantly evolving.

As the success of your program is determined by the strength of the weakest link in your supply chain, we take a proactive approach that encompasses all parties. Thanks to our sustained vigilance and accuracy, you can trust our food microbiological testing to detect potentially dangerous pathogens and spoilage organisms – and help keep you in business.

As part of our food microbiological analysis we test for:


  • Bacillus cereus
  • Campylobacter spp.
  • Clostridium botulinum
  • Clostridium perfringens
  • Cronobacter spp. (Enterobacter sakazakii)
  • Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli
    • E.coli O157/H7
    • E.coli O104/H4
  • Legionella pneumophila
  • Listeria spp.
  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • Salmonella spp.
  • Shigella spp.
  • Staphyloccus aureus
  • Staphyloccus aureus toxin
  • Vibrio spp.
  • Yersinia enterocolitica

Spoilage items

  • Acidophiles
  • Aerobic/anaerobic plate counts
  • Coliforms
  • Generic E. coli
  • Mesophiles
  • Psychrotrophs
  • Sporeformers
  • Spore counts
  • Sulphite reducing bacteria
  • Thermophiles
  • Yeast and mold

Contact us to find out more about our food microbiological testing and how it can help your products measure up to health, safety and regulatory standards. 

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