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Hydraulic Conductivity

Hydraulic conductivity is the rate at which water moves through soil or porous rock. This information is crucial for a wide range of industries as it can have a major impact on the structure and stability of buildings, mines, bridges, landfill sites, tailings ponds or other infrastructure.

SGS can provide independent, industry standard soil testing, including hydraulic conductivity. Results of our hydraulic conductivity tests help you to mitigate your risk by assessing conditions such as erosion or structural constraints that may affect your project. Depending on your project, we can also provide a fully integrated package of related tests including:

  • Acid rock drainage testing
  • Rheology testing
  • Geochemical studies
  • Groundwater and hydrogeological studies
  • Environmental and social impact studies

SGS teams of hydrogeologists are backed by a global network of laboratories with standard methods and consistently reliable quality. These professionals determine the hydraulic conductivity of your soil and consider both the density and the kinematic velocity of the water. Spearman’s rho cell coefficient can also be applied to evaluate the dependence between variables in the data.  Our fully-equipped laboratories, precisely calibrated equipment and transparent, 3rd party approach ensures accurate, unbiased test results.

SGS has earned a reputation for ethical testing practices, high-quality analysis procedures and strict conformance to industry standards. Trust the experts when you need to be sure of the hydraulic conductivity of the soil or rock at your site.

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