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Product Carbon Footprint Mark (PCF Mark)

SGS Product Carbon Footprint Marks (PCF Marks) help to demonstrate your company’s commitment to evaluating and/or reducing its impact on the climate.

Consumers are increasingly aware, not only of their own carbon footprints, but also that of the products and businesses they use. Product carbon footprint calculation can be your first step in developing a carbon strategy for your company. It can help you comply with carbon emission regulations, and inspire trust in your business and develop your clients’ confidence in your products.

Aside from regulatory requirements, some buyers and retailers have been developing their own product carbon footprint schemes in order to have a better understanding of their carbon footprint and to offer clients data on the carbon emissions of their company and products.

SGS offers an extensive and dedicated carbon footprint consulting service. It enables you to calculate your footprint and provides you with the data you need to improve your service and demonstrate environmental commitment to your clients. We calculate your footprint and enable you to take actions, using the following stages:

  • Data collection
  • Carbon footprint calculation
  • Improvement action
  • Carbon and cost reduction
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement
  • Voluntary carbon offset

Following your carbon footprint calculation we offer three carbon footprint marks:

  • Product Carbon Footprint Mark
  • Product Carbon Reduction Mark
  • Product Carbon Neutral Mark

Contact SGS if you want to calculate your carbon footprint and demonstrate your company’s awareness and continuing commitment to reducing its impact on the climate.

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