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Life Cycle Assessment

SGS provides tailor-made solutions and support through our life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology services, helping you to choose the most balanced and informed approach to meet your needs.

Our ecodesign services consultants use LCA to better understand the impact products have on the environment. We compare a product’s full range of environmental impacts, including raw material production, manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal. By using this holistic approach we can help you improve the overall environmental performance of your product.

Our life cycle assessment services provide the ideal tool for you to show the benefits of a product to customers and NGOs.

Our LCAs can help you to:

  • Select the best technology, or choose between two product design options
  • Drive innovation
  • Demonstrate that a product is “greener” by comparing hard facts
  • Inform buyers and customers of the environmental profile of a product
  • Provide support to your green purchasing policy
  • Avoid “greenwashing”

Our consultants customize their approach to fit to your step-by-step commitment to greener products through ecodesign management. Our trusted LCA services offer:

  • Screening LCA
    A quick LCA, which quickly establishes the major environmental aspects and impacts of products. This can be used as a benchmarking tool.

  • Detailed LCA
    Our full LCA ensures a high level of accuracy and detail. We use a custom data set, collecting and measuring data through real processes along the supply chain. You can use this approach as a further step after a screening LCA or for the purpose of communicating the environmental benefits of your product to customers, such as through an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Contact SGS to find out how you might benefit from our tailor-made ecodesign procedures, designed to help you choose the most balanced and informed approach.

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