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Equator Principles - Independent Review

The Equator Principles comprise a voluntary credit risk management framework and set of guidelines for environmental and social risk assessment in project finance activities. By adopting these principles, the financial industry has a set of environmental and social benchmarks for managing these risks in development project financing globally.

The intention of the Equator Principles is that each financial institution will adopt an equator principles management system that includes a minimum internal standard of due diligence and responsible project financial evaluation. The goal of the Equator Principles is to ensure that the projects you finance are able to meet specified social and environmental requirements.

Today, more than ever, financial institutions and project sponsors are under pressure for a perceived lack of transparency and risk management in terms of social and environmental responsibility. By adopting and auditing the Equator Principles in relation to your projects, you can show banks, sponsors, investors, government agencies and other stakeholders your commitment to social responsibility and environmental responsibility. SGS provides trusted and comprehensive equator risk assessment for financial institutions funding major infrastructure and industrial project worldwide.

SGS is the trusted leader in environmental and social responsibility. We combine our understanding of project finance and global regulations concerning environmental and social responsibilities in your complete and comprehensive assessment. An SGS assessment against Equator Principles examines and verifies the way your operation addresses the ten principles that are included in the document:

  • Review and Categorization of Projects
  • Social and Environmental Assessment
  • Applicable Social and Environmental Standards
  • Action Plan and Management System
  • Consultation and Disclosure
  • Grievance Mechanism
  • Independent Review
  • Covenants
  • Independent Monitoring and Reporting
  • Reporting

The Equator Principles have become the respected industry standard for environmental and social risk management. Partner with SGS for your assessment against the equator principles and you will demonstrate your commitment to environmentally and socially responsible project financing.

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