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Anti-Corruption Certification

Implementing an effective anti-corruption program in your organization demonstrates your commitment to good business to stakeholders and clients.

At SGS we can help you take your policies a step further with anti-corruption certification. We have partnered with ETHIC Intelligence, a specialist anti-corruption certification body, and can offer clients:

  • An audit process conducted by experts in the prevention of corruption
  • Certification awarded by an International Certification Committee comprising senior experts, independent of the audit process itself and with a high level of appreciation of international best practice 
  • Recommendation for continuous improvement of both policy and its implementation 

ETHIC Intelligence certification can be adapted to meet your specific organizational needs:

  • Certification assessing procedures and their effectiveness throughout an organization
  • Certification within a specific affiliate or even through a specific project or consortium
  • Certification evaluating the effectiveness of specific elements of your program – training, risk assessment, system development

During the audit SGS will assess your program against four key areas:

  1. Your policies to raise awareness on bribery issues
  2. The completeness and effectiveness of your training programs
  3. The procedures in place to mitigate the risk of bribery
  4. Internal monitoring of your policies and procedures

To facilitate your certification we carry out an audit of your systems, processes and policies and the resulting report is submitted to ETHIC Intelligence for review and approval of your application.

Certification approval is conducted by an independent panel of experts convened by ETHIC Intelligence and it is their decision as to whether certification is awarded. Once granted, certification is valid for two years.

With a global network of auditors and more than a century’s experience in audit, testing and verification, we have the experience and knowledge to help make your anti-corruption policy and certification a success.

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