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Container Testing Services

SGS is an industry leader in container testing (USP, EP, JP, BP), providing full pharmaceutical and medical device package testing for the drug industry. The safety and efficacy of any pharmaceutical product is inextricably linked to its packaging. Containers or container closures that do not meet the physical, chemical, or biological specifications of the major compendia will compromise the quality of the drug product itself.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Tests include:

  • Materials used for the manufacture of containers
  • Identification
  • Limit tests
  • Impurities
  • Assays
  • Container testing (glass, plastics, rubber container closures…)
    • Classification
    • Identification
    • Limit tests
    • Biological tests
    • Heavy metals
    • Physicochemical tests
    • Water vapor permeation
    • Extractable studies
    • Client-specified protocols
    • Container/content interaction
      • 25°C/40% r.h.
      • 23°C/75% r.h.
      • Extractables and Leachables studies
      • Migration studies
      • Client-specified protocols

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