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Particle Analysis

Particle size and shape are of interest to clients across a wide range of industries, because biopharmaceutical product particle size can impact a product in two ways: as an influence on drug performance and as an indicator of contamination.

Many clients look to SGS particle analysis services for insight during product development or manufacturing, and it is an increasingly important parameter in API and excipient characterization. Pharmacological behavior of a drug product can be influenced by changes in particle size and structure. In addition, information concerning potential contamination of injections and infusions is required as part of the safety assessment of the drug. Therefore, an intensive study of API and excipient particle size, from the drug development to manufacturing, can facilitate the development of safe, stable and efficient products.

No matter what your industry, our world-class laboratories offer a comprehensive range of tests to help you tests particles. These include particle number calculation and various particle size and shape analyses, including:

  • Laser diffraction measurement
  • Mechanical sieving
  • Air-jet-sieving and sonic sieving
  • Optical microscopy
  • Environmental scanning electron microscopy

Our analyses are conducted by world-class experts at one of our cutting-edge laboratories across the globe. Test programs are shaped according to the nature of your product and your specific requirements, and can help you meet regulatory requirements internationally and locally.

With decades of experience of meeting the testing needs of clients across diverse industries, SGS has a strong reputation for delivering particle analysis to high standards of accuracy and professionalism. Contact one of our consultants today to discuss how particle analysis can help get your product to the market as quickly and safely as possible.

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