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N-Terminal Sequencing

SGS’s protein characterization services are renowned across a wide range of life science companies for their reliability and accuracy. A key element of our service package is N-terminal Sequencing, which determines the amino acid sequence of a peptide or protein.

Using automated Edman Degradation Sequencing, also known as Gas Phase Sequencing, our experts work on samples in solution or from proteins that have been separated using SDS-PAGE and blotted onto PVDF membranes. They:

  • Sequentially break down the peptide or protein into its constituent amino acids from the N-terminus of the sample
  • Derivatize and separate the produced amino acids by reverse-phase high pressure liquid chromatography
  • Visualise the amino acids by UV detection for each cycle of Edman chemistry
  • Quantify the amino acids by comparison to a standard mixture

In addition to N-Terminal Sequencing we are able to assess possible truncations of the amino-terminus or levels of chemically blocked termini that usually prevent full sequencing. We may be able to remove the blocking group before sequencing.

Life science companies across the globe are using SGS N-terminal sequencing throughout the drug discovery cycle and during manufacturing, to demonstrate comparability and consistency between batches. In addition, N-terminal sequencing can also be used for de novo sequencing of proteins.

Contact SGS today to discover more about how we can help with your (glycol)protein and peptide analysis.

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