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Chinese and Herbal Medicine Testing

At a time when an increasing number of customers are looking to complement Western forms of medicine with more traditional forms, there is growing concern over the need for suppliers to demonstrate the quality and safety of their products. SGS uses cutting-edge technology and methodologies to help clients take the iniative and demonstrate to customers and regulators across the globe that safety is a priority, and that products have been tested to the highest standards.

We offer a range of Chinese and herbal medicine testing services which can be adapted to meet your particular needs and combined to create a comprehensive test program that highlights risks or contamination as early as possible in production.

Our tests include:

  • Pesticide residues testing
  • Limit tests for heavy metal 
  • Assay testing 
  • Microscope examination of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Chinese herbal medicing fingerprint research
  • Impurity testing
  • Extract testing
  • Tannin testing 
  • Solid weight in Chinese herbal medicine tincture
  • Pulvis uniformity testing of Chinese medicine
  • Dilatability testing
  • Ranciding testing 
  • Method development of assay testing 
  • Quality standard development
  • Validation of active part for Chinese herbal medicine
  • Stability studies

When you outsource your testing activity to SGS, you draw not only on the skills and knowledge of our highly qualified staff but also from the decades of experience we have of working with Life Science clients across the globe. Speak to one of our consultants today to find out how we can help you demonstrate the safety and quality of your products and give your product a competitive advantage.

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