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Explosion Proof Certification

Explosion proof certification services from SGS – opening the door to the global market for equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres.

Equipment and protective systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres must comply with several regulations, standards and directives before they can be traded worldwide. Our explosion proof certification services provide you with third party conformity assessments and access to various certification schemes, including ATEX, GOST R, USTC (US and Canada), MSHA and IECEx, in order to trade globally.

We offer full support and worldwide specialist expertise in the following fields for equipment in explosive atmospheres:

  • Design verification
  • Inspections and audits
  • Testing of equipment and components
  • Risk assessment
  • Certification

With our multiple national and international accreditations we can help you obtain approvals for more than one country. In the European Union equipment must be certified according to the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. This applies to new equipment, components, safety devices, controlling devices and regulating devices. It also applies to used equipment which is being imported for the first time into Europe.

In Russia, explosion protected equipment must comply with GOST R ex-proof standards. Russian ex-proof standards have been harmonized with IEC standards as well as with European ATEX 95 and ATEX 137 Directives and relevant EN (European Norms). Russia is a member of the IECEx international certification system. Accredited by Rosstandart, SGS is entitled to issue GOST R Ex-Proof Certificates of Conformity required by Russian law. The evaluation procedure may include review of technical documentation, testing of samples in accredited laboratories, factory audits and surveillance visits. In case the equipment is certified according to ATEX, UL, FM or CSA standards the verification process to obtain the GOST R Ex-Proof Certificate of Conformity can be limited to document review with no additional laboratory testing. The process for equipment with IECEx certification is even simpler.

Access to the market in North America is subject to appropriate approvals in accordance with relevant equipment safety requirements. IECEx may be accepted as a basis for equipment intended to be installed in Zoned Areas (NEC 505) which is in accordance with the international system, but is not fully compatible with the unique North American Division System (NEC 500).

There are several procedures for conformity assessment. In particular in Europe the ATEX Product Directive recognizes different procedures according to the severity of the risk involved (according to the Category of the Equipment). The unique European identification symbol for ATEX Equipment (a stylized Ex within a hexagon) is used both for certified and uncertified equipment.

Our unrivaled experience, expertise and resources make us the first choice for clients looking to achieve explosion proof certification across the globe.

Contact your local SGS office to find out more about our explosion proof certification services.

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