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Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

SGS can validate your clean development mechanism (CDM) project to ensure your emission reduction efforts are recognized. Call us today to find out how our teams can help you.

CDM projects encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. They do this by enabling developing countries to trade or sell certified emission reduction credits to other countries. For the scheme to work, projects must be validated to ensure that projects are committed to generating real, long-term results.

Our CDM validation service comprises a desk study and international stakeholder consultation followed by verification of key data in your host country. Our offices provide you with local assessors who have expertise in local languages and customs and a detailed knowledge of your prevailing policy and legislative environment.

To protect the environmental and financial integrity of the CDM scheme, the process we use is rigorous. It involves repeated visits to the project location to verify the implementation of a monitoring plan and to certify emission reductions.

Our international network places us in a unique position. With 1,100 offices in 140 countries, we are certain to be closer to your project than anyone else. This means we can offer you cost-effective verification and certification of emission reductions on a monthly or quarterly basis. With more regular certifications, you can benefit more often from emission sales and trading schemes.

Our teams are accredited by the Executive Board of the CDM operating under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and SGS is a designated operation entity under the CDM for sectoral scopes 1-13 and 15. We have extensive worldwide experience of verification schemes and voluntary projects and can help you avoid any delays or problems during this crucial final phase of your project.

Call our accredited teams today to find out how to benefit from CDM projects.

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