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Product Carbon Footprint Calculation

SGS’s product carbon footprint analysis can help you minimize your carbon footprint to the advantage of your company and the environment – including cost reduction and competitive advantage. 

SGS can support you to launch and deliver a carbon reduction project through a range of tailor-made services for assessing organization, supply chain and product emissions.

SGS’s carbon footprint analysis can be your first step in developing a carbon strategy. Policy makers worldwide have set goals and incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and consumers are increasingly aware not only of their own carbon footprint, but also that of the products and businesses they use. Benefits to your company include:

  • Improved resource efficiency and reduced operational costs
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Be ready for future regulation on product carbon footprint
  • Enhancing brand image and market advantage

Tailor-made services from SGS

You can trust SGS to anticipate your requirements.  As a manufacturer, your priority may be to conduct an internal site assessment of your operations and reduce emissions, and then pass this information on to your buyers (B2B assessment). You may also gather information from your raw material suppliers. If you are an importer or retailer of consumer goods you may use a full life cycle assessment (LCA) approach that includes the use and end of life phases (B2C).

SGS offers tailor-made analysis that can help you to develop a carbon reduction plan for your operations and products:

  • Develop a reduction strategy based on assessment results
  • Implement GHG (greenhouse gas) reporting to monitor progress
  • Engage with suppliers to assess upstream impacts
  • Embed the criteria in your purchasing processes
  • Compare a range of products and/or implement ecodesign on new products
  • Finally implement carbon labeling on product(s) or through other marketing tools

Defining the scope of your carbon footprint

In summary, SGS can support you to launch and deliver a carbon reduction project through a range of tailor-made services for assessing organization, supply chain and product emissions:

  • Training on context, strategy and management
  • High level carbon mapping of products or operations and supply chain to orientate a project
  • Inventory of the carbon emissions for all activities and/or for each stage of product life cycle for priority activities and products
  • Support and verification through the data collection process
  • Calculation and reporting of emissions to comply with regulation and voluntary reporting standards
  • Identifying the main sources of emissions to identify axes for improvement and footprint minimization
  • Support for development for carbon or ecolabeling and marketing tools

Contact SGS to find out how we can help you minimize your carbon footprint.

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