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Packaging Eco-Assessment Rating (PEAR)

With growing concern over our impact on the environment, consumers, policy makers and businesses are looking for improved and more sustainable design when it comes to packaging. At SGS we have developed tools that help you fulfill your environmental obligations and comply with regulations in a cost effective way.

Our Packaging Eco Assessment Rating (PEAR) is a simplified life cycle assessment that evaluates all packaging environmental impacts. It focuses on the most relevant stages of a packaging life cycle (manufacturing, transport, use and end of life) and draws conclusions on ten significant environmental impacts, such as climate, air, water and resources.

PEAR enables you to analyze and compare different packaging scenarios, make the most eco-friendly choices and opt for the most sustainable packaging solutions. This simplified packaging life cycle assessment offers a less expensive and time-consuming alternative to a full life cycle analysis. In effect it provides a “screenshot” of the environmental profile of your packaging.

As a long-standing supplier and developer of sustainable solutions we have come up with two independent and complimentary tools. PEAR can work either on its own or in conjunction with our Ecodesign Diagnosis. You can apply both tools if you want a good overview of the performance of your packaging and to identify which elements you can improve.

Contact SGS to find out how our ecodesign tools can help you fulfill your environmental obligations and comply with regulations in a cost effective way.

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