Pre-Shipment Inspection - Philippines

SGS conducts pre-shipment inspection (PSI) of all bulk and break bulk cargoes shipped to the Philippines. We are accredited by the Philippine Government to conduct cargo surveys.

This scheme aims to ensure the quality and quantity specifications of consignments. This is achieved through advance cargo clearance and supplying the country’s Bureau of Customs with accurate information about the quality and specification of bulk and break bulk cargo.

In practice we issue commercial survey reports, known as load port survey reports (LPS), for all bulk and break bulk cargoes. These reports are sent directly to the Bureau of Customs in a secure electronic format and importers will then be allowed to file entries and pay any Customs duty and tax prior to the cargo’s arrival. Only an LPS issued by an accredited cargo surveyor will be accepted by the Bureau of Customs.

We are a world leader in pre-shipment inspection, with in excess of 40 year’s experience. More than 40 countries have adopted our programs to protect government finances and/or facilitate trade. With an innovative approach and the latest technologies our PSI services are highly cost effective and deliver greater benefits than ever before.

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